Imperial Comet Hour cd/reissue cd
[see cover or reissue cover]
01. Every Hour
02. I Want You
03. Till You've Spoken
04. Best & Hurst
05. It'll Never Happen Again
06. In Time
07. Hate For You
08. So Do I
09. Road Movie In You
10. Me All Over
11. Days Can't Touch You Now
12. Little Tears
13. Jimmy McGriff
14. Jet Century Horses

1996; Big Pop
1997; Big Pop / Red Ant

Notes: Recorded and produced by Tim Patalan at The Loft, Michigan Richard Snell: guitar and vocals; Darren Mennell: bass guitar; Mick Bund: singer and guitarist; Mark Barrett: lead guitarist; Rick Duce: percussion; Warren James: bassist. Additional vocals on 12 by Mike Lutz, additional vocals on 4 by Khalid Hanifi. Arrangements by Bund, Barrett, Duce and James. All tracks written by Mick Bund, except 5 by Tim Hardin.
Credits are the same on the reissue except as follows: Radically different cover art; Richard "Guido" Milligan: bass; Arrangements by Mick Bund, Mark Barrett and Rick Duce; there are no 'additional vocals' credits.